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20 Minute Kids Shorts Hack

Turn outgrown or ripped kids pants into new shorts just in time for summer fun.

At the rate that our monkeys are growing and at the depths of their imaginations, they are burning through clothes these day- especially in the knees.

This 20 minute hack turns worn-out pants into completely revived shorts with an added bonus pocket. What kid doesn't love more pockets for treasures?

This is what you need:

- Old pants (mine have cuffs, yours do not have to)

- All purpose thread

- Funky trim

- Universal needle

- Basic sewing machine with straight stitch and zigzag.

- Optional: serger (overlock) machine if attaching cuffs.

Here's how to do it:

1. Cut pants to desired length or above damaged areas.

2. If you have cuffs, cut cuffs off and save for later.

3. Make the pocket.

Cut one of the discarded leg sections into a rectangle, you determine however high you want the pocket to be. I chose to rotate mine, so the side seam was centered for aesthetics. (Typically, the back panel of the legs are near perfect so a great choice for pocket)

4. Then I cut a fun trim piece about 1/2" longer than the width of my pocket and sewed it onto the upper edge, making sure to tuck under the raw edges at the start and stop.

5. Next, attach pocket to shorts with bottom edges aligned. Stitch along each side. Leave the bottom open for now.

6. Pin cuffs to outside of shorts, making sure to align inner seams together. Serge or stitch with a wide zigzag cuffs to shorts.

**Be careful to include all layers while going over pocket. This is what forms the bottom of your pocket.

7. Next, add another trim piece to the existing back pockets to tie the look of the front and the back together.

8. Cut the exact length of the pocket and use a narrow zigzag to finish the each edge of the trim piece before attaching to the shorts. Next, carefully stitch the trim piece to the pocket along each short edge (I hid mine within the zigzag finished edge I just created)

9. Finally, hand-stitch the upper and lower edge of the trim to secure to pocket, making sure to not accidentally stitch pocket closed.


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