Reusable Paper Towels
  • Reusable Paper Towels


    Ditch those wasteful papertowels! Seriously... I challenge you. These are extra absorbent with one side soft flannel, the other side towel. They are 'crazy' stitched and do not have raw edges (so they do not pull apart while using and do not fray). 

    Easy to use, throw them in the wash... do it all over again...and again.


    Comes with 12 towels. 


    Snaps can be added for $4.00 to use on standard papertowel stand.

    Button holes can be added for $4.00 to use on hook (ex. command hook on inside of cabinet door)


    Personal recommendation: Although seemingly smart to have snaps, after using and reusing my original set (still going strong with HEAVY use for 4 years), I can attest that I never snap them together after washing. They sit in my dishtowel drawer and work perfectly when needed.


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